Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Special Effects Zombie Makeup!

Sooo I decided to have a bit of a giggle and get special effects makeup done for Halloween. I got it done by the lovely and ridiculously beautiful Izzy (Isabelle Faith) at the best store in the whole world, Trash Monkey :D The website is but you live on the Gold Coast or Brisbane you should call in, the store is all kinds of spooky, sexy, rockabilly fun and the staff are awesome and OMG hawt! So....what did I end up looking like?

I couldn't see myself while it was being done, but here's a pic of the work in progress. I can't get over how gorgeous Izzy is, it's just not fair! Look at her skin, and look at my skin - she looks airbrushed in real life! I looked like a gremlin the moment I sat next to her.
Ok, self-esteem crisis over. I will just have to accept the fact that 40 year old me is not as pretty as a 20 year old professional model/makeup artist/anime unicorn princess. Sigh.

See the teeth showing through the "hole" in my cheek? They're press-on fingernails! How genius is that?

This was the finished look, which Izzy photobombed with her fangy prettiness:

And another pic outside the store - it was pension day today so lots of old people got to enjoy my new look while I wandered around the busy shopping centre buying Halloween candy:

I went home and did my makeup on the other half of my face....

Then remembered I had to get more cat food so it was off to the shops again!

Into the car...

 This side of my face looks great, it's SO much easier when you don't have to match the two sides!

And here I am at the supermarket, getting a lot of amused looks, curious questions, and requests for photos...

I had to be careful to avoid little kiddies because I think this would actually really frighten them and I'd feel terrible! The trick-or-treaters who come to my door, however, are fair game...and I do have real live kittens to pacify them with if they get a fright :)

 Gratuitous kitten photo and my normal face in case you forgot :)

Update: in a fun turn of events I was invited out to dinner last minute to meet my friend's parents, and I mean last minute, as in "we're at the pub down the road from you, so be here in ten minutes!" I am currently sitting at the table looking like this:

At least I had time to put my kitty cat ear headband on! Otherwise I would have looked silly...
And just to sum up my love of Halloween, here is my Halloween mani for this year, all done with toothpicks! I swear I'm hitting ebay for a nail art tool set, this stopped being fun after the first 4 hours :P  My favourites are my thumbs, the cat on the fence and the Jason mask were labours of love :)

Happy Halloween everyone! How do you celebrate?


  1. OMG Cats!! How awesome is that makeup!! Don't worry about the kids being frightened ,you would scare the pants of me too :( you are so brave going out shopping with the makeup on, I am surprised someone didn't call the paramedics to tend to your face. Have fun scaring all the kids in your neighborhood tonight :) Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire, I had a ball! We had heaps of trick or treaters this year, dozens in fact, because we always put jack-o-lanterns out and I always dress up and have awesome candy and usually have kittens to say hello to as well lol, word has gotten around! Even going out to dinner wasn't too bad, it was kind of fun, I was worried people would complain but everyone thought it was great, I had so many photos taken! It was a relief to wash it all off though :P

  2. Oh my goodness!! I admire your bravery for going out with that makeup on!!! I did a skull look and was very tempted to go out, but ended up just staying home haha Awesome work!
    x Court

    1. Marcelle I was going to stay home, the plan was to enjoy the trick or treaters, then take the makeup off, snuggle up and watch scary movies while I ate leftover candy! Instead I was out until 11pm (SOBER!) getting my photo taken by strangers lol, not my ideal night but I have to admit it was pretty fun :)

  3. I'm loving this! It's the first year I didn't do anything really fun for Halloween...*sad face*.

    Honestly though Izzy did a fantastic job and you're kinda creeping me out. Using fake nails is a BRILLIANT IDEA!

    I loved your nails btw, they are amazing, particularly when you slaved over it with toothpicks! I know your address and am tempted to just buy you a set of tools for Christmas. :P

    1. I loved your Halloween manis, especially your "pumpkin apples", they were so cute, hehe! I am going to do my nails with a normal shade today, sad to say goodbye to the Halloween ones but they're starting to chip, can't believe they've lasted six days! I keep thinking of buying tools but I only do nail art on Halloween, Christmas and Easter so I never think it's worth it, until I'm six hours into it and going crosseyed lol

  4. OMG!!! You look so terrifying! I love it!

    Your artist Izzy is incredibly talented. She will be unbelievable in a few years time.

    Love the purple people eater too :)

    1. Hehe the purple people eater was David's idea :) Izzy just does the makeup for fun, she is super theatrical and always dressing up as something weird - she painted herself red from head to toe for a party last night, with red horns and a black wig and red pointy tail, she was Coop's Devil Girl - Coop does rockabilly hot rod art and the Devil Girl is one of his most famous images :) Izzy is amazing, she was way too unusual for Australia's Next Top Model, they tried to make her "normal"but it was never going to work!

  5. HAHA I wish I got to see you wondering around looking like that. Brilliant work by Izzy! This makes me want to try something similar with fake nails, I would never have thought about that. How was eating with all that stuck to the side of the face?
    - Mary

    1. Eating was ok except I had to take tiny mouthfuls because I couldn't open my mouth very wide! It must have looked gross to everyone else though LOL!! The fake nails are perfect because you can cut and shape them and they're very lightweight :)