Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Bellabox - what did I get?

Bellabox has been a bit hit and miss per the past 12 months. I was lucky to score a "good" box this month, I think I got one of the best variations based on what I've seen so far. 

This is what I received:

1. Alfaparf shampoo and moisture mask for dry hair:

This is a great brand and my hair is really dry at the moment, I plan to use these this afternoon! Good size samples too, 50/60ml.

2. Beyoncé Heat perfume vial. Not bothering with a photo, it's the thing in the main pic that looks like a wrapped lolly. Typical mini sample vial you'd get free in store, it doesn't have a spray nozzle, just some little holes in the top, a bit like a watering can, you dab the perfume on. Nice perfume though!

3. Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm:

Happy Skincare is an Australian brand that uses natural ingredients. I am super fascinated by this cleanser and will have to look it up. It smells like lemon and I thought the little white lumps were scrubbing granules but they're not, they melt into the skin and you barely feel them. This massages into the skin and feels quite oily, but doesn't leave greasy residue. I've only tried it on my hand but I'm excited to try it properly, I think I'm going to love it!

4. Lonvitalite 24k Active Gold Yulan Oil face mask - no photo again, just a cloth face mask but it is one I've used before and like a lot!

5. L'Oreal Shine Caresse lip colour:

I was very excited to receive this! I have several colours already and adore them. Luckily I received a colour I don't have, 501 Bonnie. This is a kind of creamy orange colour which I wasn't sure would suit me, but being sheer it blends with my natural lip colour and ends up as a flattering light coral.  Love it love it love it!

6. Maybelline BB cream in a shade too dark for me. No photo. Sachet sample. Straight in the bin. 

Overall I am very happy with my October Bellabox! I received a fabulous lip stain, a lovely and unusual cleanser to try, a face mask for a bit of me-time, and high quality shampoo and conditioner that suits my hair type, all for $15. This has restored my faith in Bellabox for the short term... I'll wait and see what next month brings. Just one more box, I can quit whenever I want, honest!


  1. lippy :)
    I was wondering what the lolly shaped goodie was. i wonder if these celebs actually wear their perfumes.

    1. I think they pose for a photo and that's as close as they ever get ;-)

  2. I love the stain and the cleanser, but to be honest, I was expecting a little bit more from BB's bday month!

    1. If you'd seen the boxes I've received for the past 6 months you'd know why I am thrilled with this one, lol, believe me it's a HUGE improvement! I didn't know it was their birthday month and when I found out I was surprised - I agree it would have been nice for them to pop an extra something special into EVERY box, just to share the birthday fun and treat every subscriber equally.

  3. That cleansing balm looks really interesting!