Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Memebox Superbox #41: My Cute Wishlist!

I recently became a little obsessed with Memebox - I've settled down a bit now but there was a brief period where I kind of ordered almost every box I saw! Now I'm getting to know a bit more about what I'm likely to enjoy, and it's easier to say no...most of the time. 

My latest Memebox? My Cute Wishlist!

The My Cute Wishlist Memebox is a Superbox, meaning it contains only full-sized products. I love cutesy Korean packaging so this box is one of my favourites! It contains 9 products:

*kitten not included.

I know you can't read the card in the photos but Mister McMuffin Marshmallow Muppet was being so squee!

First up are Pure Smile "Point Pads". I got two packs, each with 10 sheets. 

They are basically mini sheet masks for localised areas. One is hibiscus, the other is lemon grass, I'm not sure if they do different things so I will investigate online.

The next three products are from "a;t fox" and are mini cupcakes containing three different face creams. So cute!
They each contain 10ml and the varieties are Firming, Whitening and Moisturising. Love them!

The next two products are from one of my favourite Korean brands, √Čtude House! 

The candy cane is called "Sweet Recipe Candy Stick" in Seedless Strawberry Candy flavour; it's a cute lip balm which is very sheer pink and strawberry flavoured! The little pink dude is a dolphin apparently, lol, it contains 30ml of hand cream in a gorgeous rose scent. The cream is light, non-greasy and absorbs quickly, love love love :)

The next item is my favourite, "Beauty People" Snow White eyeliner set! It's a pencil tin with a slightly bitchy-looking Snow White, containing five eyeliners in Pearl, Gold, Copper, Brown and Black.

The pencils are amazingly soft, you can barely feel them on your skin. They have fantastic pigmentation and once they set they don't smudge. The colours are beautiful and compliment each other well, and are great everyday shades :)

The last two items are Pure Smile Muddy Girl mud pack face mask, and Kocostar Split End Therapy leave-in hair mask. 

The mud pack is your basic charcoal mud mask, it's a single-use container and retails for $1, I'm a bit nervous about using it on my dry, sensitive skin so I might pass it along to a friend. The hair mask is also single use and comes with a wrap type thingy to stick your ponytail in, which you secure with the included ponytail band - which has rabbit ears!

Blurry photo - things got a bit hectic when Hercules spotted the bunny ears...
I tried to put the bunny ears on the kittens but lets just say they weren't receptive to the idea.

"Mum, I'm a boy. Please take it off. And get a life."

This Memebox cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping. All boxes ship from Korea, which means they arrive reasonably quickly, I usually get mine within 7-10 days. There is an express shipping option but it's way more expensive - but sometimes they have bundle deals which include two boxes and a free upgrade to express shipping, which usually arrives within 3 days! 

I love being able to pick and choose Memeboxes when I feel like it. They are always amazing value and have some fun and interesting items - and no Avene or Modelco! You can check them out at http://us.memebox.com :)

Have a great day!

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Memebox are a beauty box service with a difference - it's not a monthly sub, instead they release several boxes each month and you can buy any that you like. Their office is apparently in the USA but Memebox is dedicated to Korean beauty brands. If you've ever fallen in love with super cute Korean packaging or been fascinated by snail cream or other unusual skincare, check them out! The only downside? Some boxes don't ship straightaway - check the shipping dates when you order, I am already looking forward to two boxes arriving in October!

Here's a quick snap of a few boxes I got recently:

The Milk Box - this was all things milk related :) it cost $23 plus shipping, but there are discount codes all over the place, just google for them - retailmenot usually lists the current ones!

The Whole Grain box: again I think this was $23 - they are always amazing value!

Lucky Box #7: lucky boxes have a selection of favourites from past boxes, they are usually a fun mix - this one had a mud mask, sheet mask, hair product, lip tint, pore mask (in syringe packaging!) and cleansing set :) pretty sure this was $23 as well!

This was the Birthday Box Superbox - "super boxes" have all full-sized products. The four hand creams are cute and I've put them away for gifts. The shower gel is an all over wash for hair and body. I love the sugar cube scrub, and the exfoliant is a powder similar to dermalogica microfoliant, both on glass test tubes so let's see how fast I can drop them on the bathroom tiles...

Bonus photo:

Those crazy Koreans - this is an "extra large sheet mask even big enough to fit Psy's face"! So there you go.

I will have more in-depth unboxing posts once I get back into the swing of blogging, but in the meantime I hope this has piqued your interest! Memeboxes can be found here: www.us.memebox.com - and don't buy anything until you grab a discount code! They are always floating around :)

My post wouldn't be complete without a kitten pic... Aurora doesn't like it when I mop.

Nighty night!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quite a few photos of kittens.

I have been avoiding blogging about a very painful topic - the loss of most of my hair. I'll get to it eventually and had intended it to be my first post, but it's proved to be a bit more stressful than I thought. Just for now, it's enough for you to know that my previously past-waist-length hair looks like this:


Anyway we shall chat about the hair fiasco when I'm ready. So for now, I'm going to talk about something I'm comfortable with. Kittens!!

Five weeks ago I took on five foster kittens who were only five days old. New lucky number! Their eyes and ears were still closed, and they weighed about 80 grams each. They needed to be bottle fed every three hours around the clock, and they also needed help going to the bathroom. Luckily my little 8 month old kitty PeppilyPig is a natural born mama and she helped me with bathing, and more importantly toileting duties. You don't want to know how that works. Nature is beautiful but sometimes it needs a breath mint.

Thanks to Peppy these five babies have never really felt like they had no mama cat. She slept with them, snuggled them close, washed their little faces, chirped and purred and talked to them, and let them climb all over her.

I had 3 weeks of complete glassy-eyed sleep deprivation until they finally started to wean off the bottle. I'm pretty sure I went for days without brushing my hair, and I earned the nickname pee pants because sometimes when I was feeding the kittens they would have a little accident on my lap. They also weren't real careful with their claws...

Yep no that's fine I always wanted a nostril piercing...

Now they are six weeks old and although they are very little for their age, they are all strong and healthy and very, very cuddly! I've also added an extra kitten along the way, a little 7 week old boy who was surrendered by himself but quickly became part of my fluffy foster family. 

So my babies now look like this:

They're such grubs! They like to go snorkelling in their kitten food, they're still learning :) 
I will probably be posting more kitten photos in the near future. Sorrynotsorry. If you aren't totally sick of them you can check out my Instagram account, hissycatkrissy, which is full of photos and plenty of cute videos too :)

Well this is awkward.

Maybe I'll write about my candle collection sometime.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm back!!


I want to start by saying how much new found respect I have for those of you who blog regularly no matter what's going on in life. I had no idea when I started just how personal blogging is. It really takes heart and soul, and I found that when I'm going through a crisis I can't even string the words together to review a mascara. Even though I'm not talking about anything deep, it still takes a level of personal energy I just couldn't give.

With that being said, due to some issues I've had an extended leave of absence from blogging - and pretty much the real world in general - over the past six months. I haven't stopped shopping though, and over the next week or two I will have plenty to tell you! 

I'll leave you with a sneak peek at my new hair, and I'll be blogging about my hair disaster in a few days' time! Hugs to you all :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Christmas Giveaway - A Few of my Favourite Things!

I have waited as long as I could to have a giveaway, but I am going away for a week, leaving Wednesday, so I thought this might keep everyone amused until I come back! The giveaway is open internationally and I have a few of my favourite things as prizes - no kittens unfortunately :P

Monday, 4 November 2013

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette!

I was recently lucky enough to take advantage of a sale at David Jones and pick up TWO theBalm palettes - the Balm Voyage holiday palette, and Meet Matt(e) Nude!

I will review the Balm Voyage palette shortly, but I was super excited to get my hands on Matt(e) so of course I played with him first! So how did he...um...perform?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Special Effects Zombie Makeup!

Sooo I decided to have a bit of a giggle and get special effects makeup done for Halloween. I got it done by the lovely and ridiculously beautiful Izzy (Isabelle Faith) at the best store in the whole world, Trash Monkey :D The website is www.trashmonkey.com.au but you live on the Gold Coast or Brisbane you should call in, the store is all kinds of spooky, sexy, rockabilly fun and the staff are awesome and OMG hawt! So....what did I end up looking like?