Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BYS Sugar for Nails

BYS have had a few different nail sets out - velvet nails, caviar nails - and I've managed to resist, but when I saw the Sugar for Nails set I caved. I thought they looked cute, like jelly crystals or geodes! So how are they in real life?

BYS Sugar for Nails comes in a pack with the crystals in a little screw top jar, a brush, and a coordinating polish, and retails for around $8.

The idea is that you apply a coat of polish, and while it is still wet you dunk it in the crystals so they stick to the polish and create a sugary coating, then use the little brush to remove any loose crystals.

The polish itself is surprisingly good quality - creamy, opaque and smooth to apply. Below is 2 coats of the mint shade from Good Ship Lollypop, my favourite of the three colours I bought (with Love Thy Polish 'Zombie Brains' photobombing!).

 While the polish is still wet, dip it into the jar of sprinkles - this was nowhere near as messy as I thought it would be. 

I did one finger with very light pressure, and one finger with firmer pressure, and firmer pressure is definitely the way to go for an even finish (excuse my poor short nails, they've had a rough time lately).


One problem I had was with the brush - I lightly brushed the excess crystals off my fingers and a big chunk of the brush came out! The rest of the bristles seem to be attached well but it wasn't a great first impression.

Another issue is staying power - you definitely need a couple of coats of clear top coat or the crystals rub off within hours. Like caviar nails though, these are meant for a good time not a long time, and they are a cute look if you're after something different. 

Here are swatches of the other colours I bought, I have since given away the coral and pinky/purple colours because I can't see myself using them all that often, but I like the mint/purple combination. Overall I would recommend that you buy one shade to play with if you're into fun nail finishes and different textures.


  1. Thanks for this post Kristine, I've been looking for these without much luck. I really love the green and purple combination as well..gorgeous!
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks Kate :) I got mine at Cosmetics Plus, a beauty discount store here in Queensland, I'm not sure if they're Australia-wide.

  2. Some pretty colours there hun xx
    I love the blue and purple :) Ill have to keep the kids away when using though hehe

    I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award too xx

  3. I saw this outside the Gloss store! Looks very cute ^_^

  4. Great post! I bought the pink/purple/lilac set about a month ago, but as yet have not tried them (what with final grading and a trip overseas I just have not got around to them yet!)

  5. These are so cute but I've been put off my them because they just seem to fall out within 24 hours on me!