Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quite a few photos of kittens.

I have been avoiding blogging about a very painful topic - the loss of most of my hair. I'll get to it eventually and had intended it to be my first post, but it's proved to be a bit more stressful than I thought. Just for now, it's enough for you to know that my previously past-waist-length hair looks like this:


Anyway we shall chat about the hair fiasco when I'm ready. So for now, I'm going to talk about something I'm comfortable with. Kittens!!

Five weeks ago I took on five foster kittens who were only five days old. New lucky number! Their eyes and ears were still closed, and they weighed about 80 grams each. They needed to be bottle fed every three hours around the clock, and they also needed help going to the bathroom. Luckily my little 8 month old kitty PeppilyPig is a natural born mama and she helped me with bathing, and more importantly toileting duties. You don't want to know how that works. Nature is beautiful but sometimes it needs a breath mint.

Thanks to Peppy these five babies have never really felt like they had no mama cat. She slept with them, snuggled them close, washed their little faces, chirped and purred and talked to them, and let them climb all over her.

I had 3 weeks of complete glassy-eyed sleep deprivation until they finally started to wean off the bottle. I'm pretty sure I went for days without brushing my hair, and I earned the nickname pee pants because sometimes when I was feeding the kittens they would have a little accident on my lap. They also weren't real careful with their claws...

Yep no that's fine I always wanted a nostril piercing...

Now they are six weeks old and although they are very little for their age, they are all strong and healthy and very, very cuddly! I've also added an extra kitten along the way, a little 7 week old boy who was surrendered by himself but quickly became part of my fluffy foster family. 

So my babies now look like this:

They're such grubs! They like to go snorkelling in their kitten food, they're still learning :) 
I will probably be posting more kitten photos in the near future. Sorrynotsorry. If you aren't totally sick of them you can check out my Instagram account, hissycatkrissy, which is full of photos and plenty of cute videos too :)

Well this is awkward.

Maybe I'll write about my candle collection sometime.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm back!!


I want to start by saying how much new found respect I have for those of you who blog regularly no matter what's going on in life. I had no idea when I started just how personal blogging is. It really takes heart and soul, and I found that when I'm going through a crisis I can't even string the words together to review a mascara. Even though I'm not talking about anything deep, it still takes a level of personal energy I just couldn't give.

With that being said, due to some issues I've had an extended leave of absence from blogging - and pretty much the real world in general - over the past six months. I haven't stopped shopping though, and over the next week or two I will have plenty to tell you! 

I'll leave you with a sneak peek at my new hair, and I'll be blogging about my hair disaster in a few days' time! Hugs to you all :)