Monday, 30 September 2013

NARS "Ride Up to the Moon" Palette

had the chance to stop at Mecca Cosmetica in Melbourne while on my way to Tullamarine airport last Sunday. My fiancé is a pilot and he copiloted the big Russian biplane (pictured below) the Antonov 2, on a 9 hour flight from Brisbane to Lilydale in the Yarra Valley. I tagged along, and consoled myself (between bouts of airsickness and desperately needing to pee) on the long, bumpy and occasionally scary flight by telling myself it would be a romantic weekend spent visiting wineries and restaurants. 

Guess what? I never saw a winery, and our fine dining consisted of room service burgers. I spent the whole time in Yarra Valley at the little aerodrome looking at planes and eating squashed muesli bars I found in the bottom of my handbag. The closest I got to wine was the post-flight beers while they talked macho crap and I died of embarrassment because after the 9 hour flight I was exhausted and looked like I'd been dragged backwards through a hedge. 
Ok to be honest I actually had the time of my life ( I love burgers, beer and planes, and I'm not big on wine), but don't tell my fiancé that, because by the time we hit Melbourne on Sunday afternoon I told him he OWED ME! So I made a beeline for Myer and Mecca Cosmetica, determined to buy myself a present!  

There's no place like home :)

Behold my new baby, the NARS "Ride Up to the Moon" palette.

From top left, running left to right:
Argentina: Metallic creamy gold (limited edition)
Isolde Duo (left side): shimmery ginger
Night Porter: blackened green shimmer
Biarritz: Matte creamy beige
Fez: Shimmering cocoa
Cordura Duo (right side): shimmery dark chocolate

All of these shadows are stunning to work with. The quality is amazing, soft without being fragile or crumbly, pigmented, smooth, silky and long lasting. The first night I got them I had a play and did a different look on each eye:

Right eye (above): I used Argentina from the top row, Biarritz and Fez from the bottom row.

Left eye (above): for this look I used Argentina on the inner corners and smoked out the rest with Night Porter, adding a little Cordura (darkest brown) just above the crease.

I am completely smitten with this little palette. The size makes it great for travel and the shades are versatile for day to night. The black rubbery packaging feels so awesome - yes it's bound to get smudged and grubby over time but I don't care! 

The NARS Ride Up to the Moon palette retails for $65 and is available from Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima.

Are you tempted?


  1. Hahah he owed you, best reason ever. Look at the pigmentation! I'm definitely tempted!

    1. Hey, never let an opportunity pass by - a girl's gotta make her own luck :P

  2. I can't believe you came to Melbourne WHEN I WAS AWAY!!!

    I'm glad you had fun though, and that palette is divine! I want to save up for a nice NARS palette soon!

    1. I was sooooooo disappointed you were away, but on the bright side David LOVED Melbourne and wants to go back :) We only had 3 hours so I took him to lunch in Lygon Street, took pity on him after 30 minutes of girly shopping, and parked him in Chloe's Bar in Young & Jackson pub until it was time to go to the airport! Give David Italian food and beer and he'll follow you anywhere :)

  3. What a fabulously entertaining post Kris - you're a total hoot and I LOVE how you express yourself. I'm sure tempted, but only by the Night Porter (you are mine!) Looks like it comes in a single pan, but not in Australia - boo!

    1. I have been wanting Night Porter for so long, but I've never seen it in a single, so when I saw this palette I couldn't hand David's credit card over fast enough ;-)

  4. OMG....greens and look at the orange goldie colour...*drool*

    oh and hey...that guy by the plane is kinda cute ha? :)

    1. I have the same reaction - I think he's "kinda cute", but I DROOL over the NARS palette, LOL!! He can't compete with that ;-)