Sunday, 21 July 2013

Skin Physics Pore Away Mattifying Base Primer

Skin Physics is an Australian skincare and beauty brand which, although relatively new (established in 2009), has a small but interesting range of products. They have fun electronics like a photon LED skin rejuvenation device and a well-priced sonic cleansing brush for face and body, an unusual"facial sculpting gel" called Dragon's Blood (eep!) and skincare ranges called Cellugen and Pore Away. I haven't tried any of their other products yet, but I was lucky enough to win their Pore Away Mattifying Base Primer through a Facebook promotion, and I really like it!

Read on for my review:

The Pore Away range is designed to "target and treat the signs of enlarged pores, rough uneven skin tone and texture". The primer has ingredients such as antioxidant enzymes to help clear pores and a complex that "encourages natural antibiotic action of the skin". I'm not sure what all that means, exactly, and not having blackhead or pore problems I can't comment on its effectiveness. What I CAN say, however, is that this primer does indeed smooth and mattify the skin, and prolong foundation wear.

Pore Away is a little different to other primers I have used. Rather than a paste-like (spakfilla?!) texture, this primer is a clear, lightweight gel that smooths over the skin and dries quickly to a weightless finish. It has an interesting herbal scent that I personally love, but even if you're not a fan it disappears upon application anyway. 

Oh, and a word of warning - you don't need much! It comes in a nifty soft tube with (to my surprise) a pump dispenser, I thought it would be a standard squeezy tube. The first time I used it I squirted out two full pumps, not realising how much this gel liquefies and spreads. One pump is pictured above, and this is definitely enough! 

My foundation applied smoothly and evenly over this primer, and I felt like my pores and fine lines looked less noticeable. Most importantly, even at the end of a long work day I had minimal shine and did not need to touch up my powder or foundation.

The entire Pore Away range is designed to improve skin texture and minimise enlarged pores. This primer would be especially good for younger or oily skin types, containing ingredients that work to treat and clear congestion (rather than adding to it like some primers). While it is a little more expensive than some primers, it really does work to mattify the skin and keep foundation looking fresh all day.

Out of all of the primers I have tried (lots!) this is THE primer I would choose for younger skin types, to improve the skin while successfully keeping shine at bay.

**This product was provided by Skin Physics as a prize. I was not requested or required to write a review.


  1. This sounds wonderful! I'd love to give it a go sometime, I'm more a fan of these types of primers than the thick pastes that take forever to spread out, and sometimes pill up too.

    Fantastic review! I had to giggle a bit at the name though, it sounds like something out of Games of Thrones!


    1. Haha I know - Dragon's Blood?? I don't want to think about putting blood on my face, especially since Kim Kardashian seems to think it's a good idea!

  2. Great Review Kris! And such a lovely looking blog youve got going here :)
    Ive used a few Skin Physics products and have liked them so far so am now keen to give this a whirl too. I love the idea of a pump dispenser, i think it would be more of a product saver then the regular squeeze tubes.
    Keep up the good work hun xx

  3. Well hon, I'm getting my mitts on some of this stuff after reading your BRILLIANT review - I still need oil control, and to be honest I'm totally bored with all the primers I have in my kit. Heaps more like this please :-)