Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ooh La La! Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante review!

I was lucky enough recently to be included in a trial team of Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante courtesy of The Facial Company, an Australian online store that stocks a huge range of quality skincare, including harder-to-find brands. They often have discounts and specials, as well as regular Facebook promotions like this one. Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante has a rrp of AUD$95 for a 50ml jar.

 Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante

I trialled this cream for 3 weeks - read on after the jump for review and photos:

The advertising description states that Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante (phew, long name, henceforth to be known as "the cream"!) is "A smooth, nutritious and extra-rich cream that offers a comforting texture for drier skin types. Simultaneously soothing and strengthening the skin...it helps to relieve feelings of discomfort by reducing cutaneous irritability, leaving you with a softer, more supple complexion". In other words? It reduces redness and irritation, softens and nourishes skin.

The packaging is a 50ml jar that weighs a ton, it is gorgeous solid glass that looks super fancy and just feels so luxe. The practical side of me always prefers a squeeze tube or pump bottle for hygiene reasons, but there's something about a heavy glass jar that makes me feel a bit special. It has a concave shape which means I can hold it around the "waist" and I'm less likely to drop it!

The cream's texture is quite thick, it spreads and melts into the skin very easily, which is good because when you have bright red skin the last thing you want to do is rub at it and stir it up more. It does leave a light sheen on the surface of the skin, which takes about 10 minutes to absorb fully, but it feels so soothing and comfortable, and not greasy at all - more "dewy" if that makes sense? You can see at the base of the photo above, I've rubbed the cream into my hand, leaving a slight sheen.

Below is a photo of my face about 10 minutes after I've had a shower. I applied Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante to my right cheek only to show you the difference it makes. My skin isn't pure white on that side by any means, but the redness is noticeably reduced, which is pretty awesome. I didn't get this result the first time I used the cream though, this is after 3 weeks of use, and I have noticed my skin becoming more "responsive" to the cream when it's applied.

I am a bit shy about before and after photos with no makeup, hence the cropping!

Overall, this cream has made a difference to the redness in my skin when used continuously for 3 weeks, morning and night. It doesn't remove the redness altogether, I'm very fair and prone to blushing (thanks genetics), but it definitely makes my skin less reactive, so when it does "flare up" it is much less red - I would class the photo above as "rosy" rather than "tomato", which is what I normally look like! As soon as I apply this cream the redness cools down straight away, and my skin feels so comforted. 

It is also a lovely rich moisturiser for anyone with dry, sensitive skin. It's very soothing and plumps up fine lines to make them less noticeable. When I apply it at night, my skin still feels soft the next morning, and it doesn't interfere with foundation application. 

The only "negative" is that it doesn't contain a sunscreen, which may be an issue if you're used to applying your sun protection this way. I use a primer with spf30+ so it isn't a problem for me, but it is definitely something to be aware of, as most day creams have some level of spf included.

Payot Creme Riche Dermo-Apaisante retails for AUD$95. This cream was provided free of charge for me to trial by The Facial Company. Five years ago I would have said there is no way I would purchase this for such a high price, but nowadays I'm learning that, most of the time, one amazing "pricier" product is worth ten supermarket ones, so this is now on my "maybe" list depending how I feel when I get to the bottom of the jar!

And here's a couple of photos of Tokidoki and Jaydee having snuggles, just because.


  1. Great review Krissy. In the photo you can see great results when comparing each side. I don't suffer redness (rather a completely pale complexion) but I love the sound of this beautifully luxurious cream. I have never tried Payot before so definitely will be checking out the Facial Company to learn more about the range. Keep up the great reviews xx

  2. Great that you got to trial the lovely Payot - so did I and I'm impressed too.

    Fabulous to see the cats getting into the blog scene! I've joined up to follow you on Bloglovin' You're doing brilliantly.

    With love,

  3. First class review hon, as are the pics, and it's always such a joy to see your two little lovebirds :-) Can't believe how much Toki has grown and her markings are becoming more beautiful every day. So are you darling - I'm so happy you've found something to help with the redness, the difference it makes is really noticeable, and your skin looks deliciously soft :-)

  4. Lovely review, the pics are great, you can really see the difference. I too am a bit show about posting photos, but eventually Ill do a make up free on bh.

    Also those are some mighty cute cats :)